Saturday, October 29, 2011

More vacations please

I'm feeling a vacation coming on!
These girls had it all right... Vacation is all I ever wanted!!! 
random fact: I have this record on vinyl courtesy of Jesse Bo
and one 80's tastic birthday party. Good times!
So I'm sitting at the San Antonio airport awaiting my flight(s). I like this airport... they have free wireless internet and world renowned people watching. {I'll give said people the benefit of the doubt for looking ridiculous because it's Halloween weekend and they could possibly be in costume, but come on, we all know this is their everyday attire.} I'm definitely ready for a change of scenery to say the least :) Enter Vacation!

Destination: Cancun!!!

I am soooo ready for a vacation! I know, I know. I only just got back from Maui (and CA x2 and Vegas and before that Chicago) but clearly I am not one to turn down a fun trip and this one is guaranteed to be super fun! This vacay is actually only happening because my awesome mom and dad are letting me share in their timeshare at the beautiful Villa Del Palmar resort in the western caribbean this week. (It will be the three of us plus a few of their close friends from work who have a timeshare there as well.) Poor Andrew has to teach and can’t miss his grad school classes so he’s home on puppy duty for this trip. I felt really bad ditching him for the week, but then I remembered the trips to London and Spain he went on without me and now I feel a little more vindicated. I’ll miss you HoagieBear! 

I'll be thinking of you while I'm relaxing by the pool:
 and snorkeling
 and hanging out at the beach all day

Boarding time... Let the vacation begin!

Friday, October 28, 2011

perks of marrying a nerd

The English Department at UTSA had a "Name That Author" trivia contest tonight and my sweet nerd husband came in 2nd place winning $300. Translation: big shopping day for brennie coming up! That's like a whole 30 minutes at San Marcos Outlets :)  Just kidding, he'll probably use it to buy books cuz he's a nerd. We'll still call it a win!

Matt 3rd place : $100           Andrew  2nd place:  $300       Holly  1st place:  $600   

Good job, Hoag! I'm so proud of my nerd!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fashion Flashback

It's Friday and here's a flashback of this week's fashions:

 Saturday to church and shopping
 My jeans always cover my shoes, so here they are!
 Sunday to the Zoo  (I'm wearing my pretty leopard print necklace auntie V made)
 Monday to work
 Tuesday laying out with Maddie B in the backyard
 Wednesday to work
 Thursday to work (ruby necklace and earrings courtesy of aunt wesie)
 Thursday dinner with friends
Friday to work

This is one of those belts that fits funny and needs something
to hold it in place... voila: enter a hair barette :)

Tomorrow I leave for CANCUN!!!
Stay tuned for some beachy inspired fashions...
perhaps hurricane inspired (i.e. humidity hair and umbrellas)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a Need a Want a Wish

I need to do all the items on this cleaning to do list. I want to have a clean house. I wish the cleaning fairy would come.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello Monday

It's the start of another fabulous week and I'm linking up with Lisa Leonard. (Love her blog!) Here's what we're saying hello to on this warm Monday morning:

Hello lots of sunshine!

Hello 90* temperatures... at least we're out of the 100s :)

Hello McDonald's ice cream cones.
Yeah, we're going to be eating lots of these this week!
I wish it would cool down faster so I could wear this little beauty

Hello finally catching up on reading (remember that entreleadership book I picked up here)...
and snuggling with puppy.

Hello sparkly silver. I need more of you in my life!

Hello silly notes from students that make me giggle.

Hello finally organizing the pantry. Long overdue.
Next up: the junk drawer. Don't hold your breath.
 Hello Maddie Bear
Hello puppy begging for bites. Goodbye german potato salad with extra bacon. Yum!

Hello cute little puppy leaping across the yard. She thinks she's a kangaroo!
Hello puppy kisses (right up the nose!)
Hello packing for Cancun (I leave on Saturday!)
Hello silly gossip magazines You know, for the plane ride :)

Hello ensembles on notecards. (very rough sketches, but they work)
After I wear the outfit I throw out the notecard.
Vacation solution to avoid wearing the same thing everyday.
Hello costume party with friends. Still deciding on costumes for hubby and me.
 Hope you're saying hello to a mahvalous last week in October!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Something Adventurous: the Zoo

Today for Something Adventurous in San Antonio, we used our annual zoo membership (that expires next week) for one last hurrah. 
click on any picture to see bigger

black bears. Rawr!

super rambunctious gibbons! The closest one needs a time out for suckerpunching.

Yes, YOU need a time out!

clouded leopard

This jaguar was especially active today. Normally she's a snoozefest.

Her colors are very on trend for Fall. I think she knows it... she was struttin' her stuff.



Gold lion tamarin. Kids kept yelling "He has rockstar hair!"

capybaras. the world's largest rodent (R.O.U.S) Yes, they do exist!

We love going to the zoo. San Diego is still the best in our book, but SD has pandas (and koalas - my personal fave) so it's no competition.  I guess while we're in Texas we'll take what we can get ;)