Saturday, December 19, 2015

Ollie at 9 Months... and 8 months... oops!

Today our Ollie Bear is 9 months old!
Taking monthly pics with sticky ties is not his preferred Saturday morning activity, so this is the best we could get :)

This month SO MUCH HAPPENED!!! He got 2 bottom teeth (see below) and is working on his upper front teeth now.  He started crawling. He waves and claps his hands. He sings along to music (not in any recognizable tone, but still.) His hair is getting really long. You can't tell in the photos because of the lighting and how blonde it is, but he's going to need a trim soon.

He's working on words... mama, dada, and huhwoh. Almost a hello.

He doesn't sit still and puts EVERYTHING in his mouth... especially the little plastic, squeaking choking hazards the dogs get out of their chew toys. It keeps us on our toes.

He's also growing way too fast. 22 pounds and 29". I can hardly carry him anymore!

And I just realized we never properly documented Oliver at 8 months, and this pic about sums it up!

Thankfully, he is much happier this month!