An authentic Texas Experience

It's no secret that adjusting to life in Texas has been, well, an adjustment. I could make a list of pros and cons but today we will focus on the fun of living large (practically obese) in the lonestar state.

One of our good friends from college, Joel, arrived in San Antonio on Thursday for a Political Science conference and stayed with us the last couple days. We LOVE having visitors!!!  He wanted to have a "true, authentic Texas experience" as he put it and we all know the number one thing to do in Texas is eat so we did. A lot! Texas bbq, Tex-mex, and our new favorite: LuLu's Cafe (featured on the travel channel's "Man vs. Food") where we ordered a 3 lb. cinnamon roll and chicken fried steak with queso sauce (very texan.) We also ordered a side of myocardial infarction at no charge =)  
Joel and Andrew at LuLu's in downtown San Antonio

Joel and the infamous cinnamon roll

 Well Joel, you asked for an authentic Texas experience. I hope you learned your lesson!


  1. an amazing summary. Thanks again for your heartwarming hospitality. Tell maddy I miss her.


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