Saturday in the Park

Chicago skyline
Andrew and I are going to Chicago!!! Our friends Brandon and Ashley are getting married and Andrew is a groomsman in the wedding. I am so excited to see the windy city because I have never been there and it is full of fabulous Kohler history. Grama and Grampa were neighbors in Chicago growing up and Grampa may or may not have been involved in the Chicago mafia scene.  ~ If the FBI questions you, say nothing!

In the Summer of 2009, Andrew helped Brandon move to Chicago for seminary. I was completing my credential program, so I missed out on all the fun. Needless to say, this trip will include much more time devoted to Magnificent Mile shopping! Don't worry Andrew, there will be plenty of deep dish pizza involved!

We are staying in Deerfield in the suburbs north of Chicago. Looking forward to a fun wedding weekend!