We're Moving

**Don’t get too excited. We’re not moving back to California yet. Just closer to UTSA. We still have 2 more years in Texas… or 741 days, 11 hours, and 15 minutes, but who’s counting?! **So it’s summer time which means our lease is up and it’s time to leave our brand new, beautiful apartment in a not so beautiful part of San Antonio behind. To refer to this humble abode as beautiful may seem boastful, but if you saw the shack tiny apartment we lived in previously in San Diego, you’d understand! The crown molding and granite countertops speak for themselves. Anyway, our lease is up and our rent is going up so we’ve started the arduous task of packing and researching new places to live. Because we only plan on living in San Antonio for 2 more years while Andrew finishes school, renting is our best option. And because housing is so cheap out here we can afford to rent a house. **Squee!** For someone who’s lived in little apartments the last 7 years, the thought of a garage and a yard make me very happy.

We have only been researching homes for rent for a couple of weeks, but we found a house we love in a great neighborhood and checked it out this morning. Here it is:

3 bedrooms 2 1/2 bathrooms 2160 square feet for only $1200/month  Eat that California :)

Oh yeah, it has a big backyard too... Cut to Maddie Bear jumping for joy!
We turned in an application and security deposit at 10 am and were approved by noon. We sign our 2 year lease on June 15 and move in shortly after that.  So far it seems all too easy, but we have A LOT of packing and cleaning to do in the next couple weeks. No time for that nonsense now though. We're leaving for Chicago in 36 hours!!!

~ ~ side note ~ ~ moving is very stressful and this is our second major move in under a year. *Enter obnoxious stress lines on my forehead*. They should really give you botox with your boxes and packing materials.  Million dollar idea of the day.