Back on the Ranch

We made it safely back to San Antone and had the best time ever in CA, AZ, NV, NM, and everywhere in between.  I've heard about people that make bucket lists and the like such as visiting all 50 states before they turn 50, and I always thought that would be really hard. But in the last year I've been to at least 20, so maybe I should hop on that bandwagon!  But then I would have to go to random states like the Dakotas and Idaho and I have zero desire to visit those places. So maybe just my TOP 30 States by the time I'm 30.

Top 30 States: (alphabetically)

Alaska   check
Arizona   check
California   check
Colorado   check
Connecticut  check
Delaware  check
Florida  check
Georgia  check
Hawaii  check and check :)
Indiana  check
lllinois  check
Kentucky check
Louisiana  check
Maryland  check
Massachusetts  check
Nevada   check
New Hampshire
New Jersey  check
New Mexico  check
New York  check
North Carolina  check
Ohio  check
Pennsylvania  check
Rhode Island  check
Texas   check
Utah   check
Virginia   check 
Wisconsin   check

Who's with me?!