Happy 4th of July

Maddie & Me in our matching 4th of July swimsuits
We got back late last night from a super fun day in Austin with our friends.
We started the day off early at 6 am and met up for breakfast tacos at Mama Margie's.

Then we headed north towards Lady Bird Lake in Austin for an awesome kayaking adventure. We did have a minor setback when some silly head let an extremely un-secured queen mattress fly off the back of her truck and into our car. Stupendous. Luckily the only damage was that Andrew's license plate got bent.  We were fine and after pulling over to survey the damage, we went on our merry way.

We arrived at the docks at 8 am and it's a good thing we did because we got first pick of the kayaks and we didn't have to wait at all.  The Lake was ours!

After kayaking, we went shopping at Tanger Outlets in San Marcos. Thanks guys!

We were famished after shopping at the outlets and had a delicious lunch at Salt Lick...
Best BBQ in Texas!!!

Alisha, Josh, Jeremy, and Andrew playing bocce ball while waiting for our table.

DJ & Lisa, Matt & Melissa, Katie & Jeremy, Me & Andrew, Josh & Alisha
After lunch we headed back north to Downtown Austin
Me, Lisa, Melissa, and Katie

This is my favorite builidng downtown. It's the Frost Bank Building, but I call it the Texas Chrysler Building
Andrew's trying a new "natural" smile. We've perfected the cheeseball smile :)

Walking around downtown

Capitol Building
We finished the evening with yummy cupcakes from Hey Cupcake!
 We had such a fun time!!!  Let's do this every weekend!