Hello Tucson

We made it safely to Tucson... 12 hours driving 860 miles
Maddie Bear was such a trooper!
I realize I barely took any pictures of the scenery
(for the record, west Texas is not particularly photogenic). 
But my puppy is adorable

Maddie checking out the scenery

Maddie Dog

Look at her cute little reflection!

Getting cozy. She had the backseats all to herself.
But she still mostly sat on my lap the whole time!

She also liked sitting on the little console between us.
I think she wanted to drive too... they make those cute steering wheel attachments for babies' carseats.
They should make one for doggies too :) 
** MILLION DOLLAR IDEA OF THE DAY** ~ Don't judge me, I haven't slept in days!

Leaving Texas

8 hours later... still leaving Texas.
Tomorrow we continue west on I-10. No stops 'til San Diego. Specifically this classy joint:
Hodad's Burgers in Ocean Beach. Hooray!!!
Hope to see you there!!!