Highs and Lows


We just returned from a super fun family reunion in California.

The highs of this trip were:
Kayaking with my 69 year old Grandma (she rocks!)

Getting PBR's (piggy back rides)

A million jumping photos
Shopping at SLO Swap Meet with Auntie V and finding lots of Shabby Chic treasures

Winning at Bunco

Lunching with my Point Loma roomies and their hubbs
 plus a couple new baby additions to the group :)

Happy Hour at Embassy Suites
Endless hours of entertainment from MaMa and those kahluas and cream.

Jumping on the bed, of course

Shopping with the girls and getting a new coach purse

Oh yeah, Andrew got a tattoo.

Dinner with my bestie and friends

Farmer's Market

Meeting up with Texas friends at Pismo Beach. Small world!

Making sandcastles for Ethan to destroy :-)
Seeing my sister's play in Camria
This picture made us laugh hysterically. What do you think of my man legs?

Hitting 150,000 miles on the Camry. That was the only high for this sad car.
Seeing all of my dad's family and taking silly pictures at the beach.
Nice nip-slip, uncle Sieb!

swimming (near the shark tank - don't look nessie!) in las vegas




Anniversary dinner at Mario Batalli's restaurant in the Venetian.
Thank you mom and dad hoag!

Mid State Fair with family

Skipper's Beautiful Wedding!
San Diego with my furry little princess. And Maddie Bear too :)
And now for the LOWS which coincidentally all took place on the
1300 mile drive back from Vegas to San Antonio:

check engine light comes on. Andrew replaces coolant.

Monsoon hits in Arizone causing zero visibility. Eeek.

3 hours from home the grill fell off the front of the car. Here's Andrew recovering it off I-10.
I am currently undecided if we will ever make this treacherous drive across country again.
Maybe if there were more shopping stops along the way!!!


  1. What a wonderful recap of your Calif time. Loved looking at your photos...Vegas looked like fun! Happy Anniversary to you two!! Thanks for warning me about the shark!


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