Summer Lovin'

So today marks 2 weeks without cable for us (and very limited internet.) Turns out, we're kind of TV junkies and it feels like an eternity. We do, however, still have our dvd collection and I've decided that today's pick-a-flick is the tacky musical classic, Grease.  Andrew is not amused. My greaser days will be shortlived. Oh well.

I'm still trying to put together an Austin kayaking ensemble for our adventurous outing tomorrow.  This is what came up from a google image search (GTS :-) of "Ladybird Lake Kayaking outfit."

Not too helpful.  I guess I'll just wear shorts and a t-shirt (drab)  Don't worry, there'll be time for a costume change before we hit up the town later in the evening. I'll pack extra options.

Speaking of packing, it's July 1st, and on this day last year we were just arriving in San Antonio to start our new southern life, y'all. 
Mapping out our drive from San Antonio to San Diego to San Luis Obispo.
Not sure why this map dropped the o off Mexico. Mexic sounds yucky.
Maybe they should rename it Mexas or Mexy.
This July we will be doing that exact trip in reverse as we drive 1500 miles (each way!) from San Antonio to our beloved San Diego with our precious puppy in tote. Most people would balk at the idea of 25 hours in the car (each way!) but not us, we are always up for an adventure! We're going to San Diego for our friends' wedding (congratulations Skippers!) and then heading up the coast to Pismo Beach for a couple weeks to visit with family. Then on the way back to Texas, it's Las Vegas, Albuquerque, and Flagstaff.  Here's hoping Andrew's Camry doesn't poop out on us...
*Double checking our AAA coverage*

 I know you can't help but be a little jealous of our road trip, so I'll leave you with this photo. Most of our drive will look something like this, so just stare at it for a few hours and it will be just like you're right there with us :)

Correction: the speed limit on I-10 is 80mph, not 35
or we would most definitely not be driving to CA.
(Or get several hefty speeding tickets)