Mrs. Bing's Last Day

I reminded the students that tomorrow is my last day as their teacher.
I pointed at Friday and said "read it and weep" and some of them nearly did!

Tomorrow is the last day of my long term subbing job teaching 8th grade algebra. Everything went great but I'm kind of relieved it's over. I'll miss the kids for sure, but I won't miss the algebraic equations and dang-fangled curriculum I've had to learn. It is actually quite ironic that all 4 of the long term teaching positions I’ve had have all been middle school math. It’s ironic because I was so terrible at algebra I took it 3 years in a row. Due to some mix up I was always placed in the advanced math class. {I might have cheated and copied the smart kid next to me’s answers on the placement test and gotten put in the advanced math class. Thanks a lot Shannon Fissori.  Just kidding, I only copied her social studies test answers HA!} Anyway, it really is true what they say about cheaters. They never prosper and bla bla bla, but more importantly, they will forever be stuck teaching the terrible math class they habitually flunked out of.
This is a picture of my 8th grade algebra teacher, Mr. Forenza. He was a nice guy, but sheesh, I wonder what he did that was so awful that he had to teach math for so many years! He must have cheated on his taxes.

Anyway, being surrounded by smelly pre-pubescent, yet adorably naïve middle schoolers has really made me reminisce about my time in junior high.

stephen, ?, kevin, anthony, lacey, sarah, chantell, carrie ? ? devan shannon me
The year was 1997 and yo-yos were all the rage. So was corduroy, at least apparently I thought so. Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins, and Alanis Morissette played everyday on sly 96 fm. My friends and I would walk to the beach after school or dare each other to do really stupid stuff on the bus. Oh, our poor bus driver Delores. I’m pretty sure if she could see me now picking up trash and gum off my classroom floor she’d be thinking “paybacks are hell!“ Mrs. Meyers was so sweet and let us hang out in the band room bouncing off the walls. Literally… we had contests to see who could jump from the brass section to the bottom step. That game often didn’t end well. We had academic decathlons, 8th grade promotion, and trips to Camelot Park. We also had this really ridiculous dress code, that, looking back on my fashion choices, still would have been better than what I wore. It turns out that middle school is just this incredibly awkward and awesome time in your life that provides endless hours of entertainment and giggles when stumbling upon old photos. Too many memories!!!
ashley shannon and me at catherine's 13th bday party

steve doss and me 8th grade dance

ashley catherine me reesha jennifer 8th grade dance

rachel premer ashley jew alex gagliano me shannon fissori cori weatherby

I suppose it’s pretty cool to get to be part of these kids middle school experience afterall.
And now back to grading papers…