Something Adventurous

For our first edition of Something Adventurous in San Antonio, we asked our friends about something outdoorsy to do and they mentioned Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World.  I immediately giggled and said "we have a Bass Outlet in Pismo Beach and it's not that impressive" which earned me a number of horrified glances. Apparently this place is like Disneyland for hunters and fisherman and unfortunately has very little to do with shoes. Not the kind I wear anyway :)  But this place is freakin' awesome nonetheless. Where else can you get your hunting license, a fishing boat, and some chocolate fudge?! Seriously!!!

This game was super fun. And no animals were harmed, just our egos.
Arriving at Outdoor World

I am totally inspired to redecorate my house with this woodsy antler motif.

On to the shootin' range

Let's just say it's a good thing we didn't apply for a hunting license!

"Save the Animals   (for hunting season)"

They even had a popcorn machine!!!

In conclusion, we LOVE Outdoor World... maybe next time we'll get our hunting license. That would really be something adventurous!