Thursday Dinner

This is where we have our spectacular Thursday night dinners.
We moved to Texas in July 2010. And by "moved" I mean we were unwillingly uprooted from our super awesome life in San Diego where we had great friends, good decent jobs, and a teeny tiny overpriced morsel cozy little apartment. To put it bluntly, we were living the dream in SoCal, and CenTex (is San Antonio centralish in TX? **need to check my map) though certainly not a nightmare, was a wake-up call at best. More like an alarm clock that plays nothing but country music and humidity.  End random rant.
{I always wondered why my teachers affectionately referred to me as "wendy whiner" it's all very clear now :) }

When we got here we knew no one. Sure, Andrew had a couple acquaintances in his classes at UTSA, but as for me, I just had my puppy to keep me company. Don't get me wrong, I thought that was ideal at the time. Maddie is relatively low maintenance, she's super duper cute, and she loves ice cream almost as much as I do. We have a lot of shared interests, at least as far as sweets go. But mostly I was fine being a loner because our time in San Antonio is probably a temporary season in our lives and it was soooo hard to leave our amazing friends in San Diego that I stubbornly didn't want to make anymore friends here because that would make leaving Santonio that much harder when it's time to say goodbye. Thankfully, God had other plans. {I realize now that it was foolish of me to think that I didn't need friends, because they've become the best part of living here.}

Enter Craigslist.

Since I had zero friends, plenty of time on my hands, and an apartment to decorate, I took to old reliable CL for furniture options. I must say, S.A.'s Craigslist is the best thing ever. Probably has something to do with it being a military town where people have to peace out quickly and leave treasures behind. Who knows? Whatever the reason is, I find the best stuff every. single. time.
One particular August afternoon, I was on the hunt for an armchair to complete my living room and found one I thought would work so we checked it out. It was nice and comfy, but a little too big for our space so we had to pass on it.  However, that's the day we met Ryan and Carrie.

Enter San Antonio friends.
Ryan and Carrie... welcomed a baby girl in June :)

Ryan and Carrie are the sweetest things since rocky road ice cream :)  It helps that Carrie's got the southern bell mississippi accent, so everything she says sounds sweet!  After chit chatting for a bit about how we ended up in Texas, we discovered that we were both substitute teaching in the same school district. Small world!  Anyway, long story short we passed on the chair, but Carrie invited us to attend their Thursday night dinner weekly potluck with friends from church. That's when all that junk I said about not needing friends and not wanting to get too attached to life in San Antonio went right out the window.  I immediately understood what they mean by southern hospitality and was so excited to have these new friends!  So it didn't work out for us to go to Thursday dinners that fall semester because Andrew had evening class and I got hopelessly lost when venturing out on these silly loop freeways on my own. But we've been going since January and seeing our Texas friends every Thursday is the highlight of our week (plus all the yummy food helps too!) A huge thank you to M&M Johnson for opening their beautiful home to us every week, Williams, Ellisons, Ganos, Oneals, Carpenters, Dixons, and Townleys, we love you guys!!!

The best friends we could hope for
 the problem is we had to move to Texas to find them!

I told you I find the best stuff on Craigslist!!!
And now off to Thursday night dinner :)