Attack of the Washing Machine

So I was doing laundry just like any other day. Typical. Then Andrew and I headed out to the gym. Atypical. We got back to find this... Extremely atypical:

Upon entering the laundry room through the garage
 Yes, that's 2" of water covering the entire first floor of our house!

dining room and kitchen. Flooded.

Maddie is not too thrilled about dog paddling through the dining room.

No towel left behind

Yes, those towels are soaking wet. This following the third round of sopping up water

On the plus side, my floors mopped themselves, Maddie inadvertently got a bath, and just walking around the house is like my own foot spa!

I'm left to think one of two things:  1st, this washing machine may have mal-functioned which would be a strike one for Craigslist.  But I'm more inclined to believe the 2nd, that this is obviously a clear sign to NEVER go to the gym again. Or maybe I missed the message entirely and this is a sign not to do laundry anymore. Either way, win!