The Closet Challenge

As a fun challenge to the "you only wear 10% of what's in your closet" theory, I'm attempting to mix it up and wear more (even if only 11%) of my clothes.
Here's what I wore this week for fashion flashback friday:

Church on Sunday. Super rainy day. Head to toe Ross Dress for Less.

Shopping weekend! Skirt, belt, and Shirt: F21 Sweater and boots: Ross Purse: Coach 

Babysitting on Monday (Happy Columbus Day!)
Texas Sweatshirt: $2 at the thrift store (in CA!)  leggings: NY&CO Boots: Ross

Work on Tuesday. Outfit: Ross Necklaces: F21

Running errands Tuesday evening  Cardigan: Gilly Hicks  Jeans: seven Tank: Target
Heels: Nine West   Necklace, Earrings, and Ring: sapphire-tastic gifted from my sweet aunt!

Work on Wednesday (a 6th grade english class)
scarf: "borrowed" from my sister - need to give it back!
gray dress, tights, and boots: Ross 

Repeat outfit for work on Thursday...
did I mention both our washer and dryer pooped out this week?
Don't worry, I was at 2 different schools. No one will ever know!

Thursday dinner casual  Cardigan and tanktop: Gilly Hicks 
Jeans: Hudson   Heels: Guess from Ross
necklace: gifted from Ashley

Friday to work. Gray dress: Marshalls   tights and heels: BCBGirls Ross

Kind of a drab week. Turns out work clothes are boring. Way too much gray.  Also, having a non-operating washer + dryer makes getting dressed every morning more of a challenge {missing my clothes that are in the hamper indefinitely} ~the repair guy will be here tomorrow am. Yay! I have higher hopes for next week. No more fashion friday flops!