Day Off

Yesterday I took a much needed day off. This may be the #1 perk of being a substitute teacher, but I think everyone deserves a midweek break every once in a while (or every Wednesday!)
Andrew doesn't have class on Wednesday (LUCKY!!!) so we got to spend the whole day together.
We started our morning with a hike at Schnabel (Bandera) Park just down the road from our house. Maddie Bear was so happy about it! 

 We got 5" of rain last week and the pond is full. Full of mosquitos :(

 We saw a cute little family of deer. They saw maddie bear and ran away.
Who knew 5 pounds of fluff was so intimidating?
 Maddie barking at squirrels
 Yes, sometimes we actually let the dog walk rather than
carrying her or pushing her in the stroller. Only sometimes :)

After our walk, we went to Best Buy where Andrew picked up the new Batman game he's been looking forward to for weeks. ::Boring::
 I went to Michael's and used my 50% off coupon to get my favorite fancy pens. ::Exciting::

Then our awesome friends J&K (plus their cute little sawdawg :)
took us out for a super elegant dinner at Meson
 Everything was sooo delicious!  We ordered grilled trout,
charbroiled salmon, new york strip steak, and chicken marco polo
We also enjoyed escargot and tiramisu. YUM!!! 
Thank you - Thank you - Thank you

Look at this cute lil peanut!

We talked about travel and fun trips we've all been on and decided that we should definitely be travel writers.
I could do a lot of research on yummy restaurants and beautiful destinations.
Vacation as a job? Yes please!!!