Hello October

Hello Fall. Goodbye triple digit temperatures. It was only in the mid 90‘s today. Hooray! And we even got a little rain this week. Mostly thunder and lightning though. There’s nothing like a Texas lightning storm, so rad!

Lotsa lightning this week in San Antonio
This fabulous fall weekend started off with a delicious home cooked dinner of kale, bacon, and white beans with a linguini alfredo pasta. So happy I married a guy who loves to cook!

So yummy!!!  We're super into kale lately. It's really tasty roasted too.
Then we watched a whole bunch of season premieres. Our favorite shows this year are Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, and Big Bang Theory. So funny! And no commercials with that amazing magical little boxee box.

Then today I woke up early, realizing it’s October already, and started packing for an exciting trip coming up in a few weeks. Yeah, I’m kind of a compulsive packer.

More on the exciting trip later. But it does involve my passport and a lot of swimsuits.
To prepare for said vacation and those stupid swimsuits, we took Maddie for a quick walk around the block and hit up the UTSA gym. I’m calling it our something adventurous for the week. Not necessarily an exciting adventure, but running 4 miles in 37 minutes is enough of an adventure for me. (That's like 8 miles for normal height people) At least I was able to justify that yummy bacon dinner! (Well the first two bites, anyway) *gasps when attempting to calculate the amount of calories from dinner.

Andrew in front of the gym at UTSA. They don't let you take pictures inside.
I wondered why until I saw myself after I got off the treadmill.
Yeah, I would NOT want that look documented either :)
After the gym (and of course the lazy river pool), we went shopping at RIM. But on the way somehow I managed to stop at this shopping mall again too...

Gilly Hicks is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores.
It's super cute inside and I found a couple fun cardigans for fall.
Andrew wasn't too thrilled about the whole experience.
Thanks for holding my bags honey!

Yay! It rained this week so they reduced our water restrictions and put more
water in the fountains at La Cantera. It was pretty depressing to see them empty.
After La Cantera, we checked out habanero's Mexican restaurant and ate yummy fajita-ritos (fajita burritos smothered in queso)

We sure do love our Tex-Mex!
After dinner it was off to RIM, you know where the TJ Maxx Home Goods is. I was on the lookout for a Halloween costume... for my dog. I wanted something classy and timeless. All they had were witches and bizzarre looking butterfly costumes. Not good enough for my Maddie Bear, so I improvised. In the winter wear for dogs section I stumbled upon this cute little number that is also versatile for the season.

Mademoiselle Coco Chanel Bear
 It's a fur coat with leopard trim, not as cute in the picture as it is in real life.  Maddie isn't exactly thrilled about it, but I thought it completely appropo for her to go as her namesake. The original and ever so chic Gabrielle "CoCo" Chanel. This is exactly what coco chanel would wear if she was a maltese. I just need to fashion a diamond collar and some satin puppy gloves and voila!!!

But I still need to figure out costumes for me and andrew. I could always go as the trophy wife and he could go as the guy who placed ninth in the trophy wife contest. Yeah no, that's too close to home :)  Back to the drawing board.

So we had a busy day today. Shopping and eating as usual, plus a little exercise. Oh, I got this great shabby chic dresser on CL too. (I told you I love that site!)

Now off to fill up those drawers with my new cardigans and jewelry and scarves for fall!