More vacations please

I'm feeling a vacation coming on!
These girls had it all right... Vacation is all I ever wanted!!! 
random fact: I have this record on vinyl courtesy of Jesse Bo
and one 80's tastic birthday party. Good times!
So I'm sitting at the San Antonio airport awaiting my flight(s). I like this airport... they have free wireless internet and world renowned people watching. {I'll give said people the benefit of the doubt for looking ridiculous because it's Halloween weekend and they could possibly be in costume, but come on, we all know this is their everyday attire.} I'm definitely ready for a change of scenery to say the least :) Enter Vacation!

Destination: Cancun!!!

I am soooo ready for a vacation! I know, I know. I only just got back from Maui (and CA x2 and Vegas and before that Chicago) but clearly I am not one to turn down a fun trip and this one is guaranteed to be super fun! This vacay is actually only happening because my awesome mom and dad are letting me share in their timeshare at the beautiful Villa Del Palmar resort in the western caribbean this week. (It will be the three of us plus a few of their close friends from work who have a timeshare there as well.) Poor Andrew has to teach and can’t miss his grad school classes so he’s home on puppy duty for this trip. I felt really bad ditching him for the week, but then I remembered the trips to London and Spain he went on without me and now I feel a little more vindicated. I’ll miss you HoagieBear! 

I'll be thinking of you while I'm relaxing by the pool:
 and snorkeling
 and hanging out at the beach all day

Boarding time... Let the vacation begin!