on dolphins and children

A way cuter version of the vocal torture that was 1st period Reading Class.

"I CAN MAKE A NOISE LIKE A DOLPHIN!!!"  Screams the loudmouth 11-year-old 2 inches from my face this morning. After I got over the deafening shock of said outburst, I respond "That's nice. Now go sit like a silent starfish." {Incidentallly the school mascot is a stingray... in San Antonio... 3 hours from anything remotely resembling a beach.}

It's children like this little girl (whose noise making skills aren't limited to just aquatic life FYI) but let's just call her Flipper, who make me want to have kids oh, umm, like NEVER!  Or at least not for a loooooonnnnngggg time. Furthermore, Flipper makes me long for the school days of yesteryear where following an outburst like that I could guiltlessly bop her on the head with a ruler or at least an inflatable beach ball a-la Sea World.

In conclusion, at this moment with this headache, I am no closer to having children than I am to having a dolphin. Though that would be a pretty neat trick.
**This is a Maddie Approved Message**