Something Adventurous: book signing

Ok, so this week’s edition of Something Adventurous in SA is kind of nerdy, but why are we living in San Antonio again? Oh yeah, so hubby can get his doctorate in nerdiness. I mean literature!

Today at our local bookstore Dave Ramsey, the “financial peace” guy, was signing copies of his new book, Entreleadership,  so we of course grabbed a copy and got our picture with him.{PS I really need to read the book because I'm not entirely sure what that word means!}

Dave is the finance expert and sounds pretty legit. Since our finances are far from too legit to quit, we will be adding more of his books to our library.

 He was signing books at the Books-A-Million
just down the road from our house.

 Pretty fancy tour bus

This car is not nearly as fancy as the bus.

We arrived at 10 til 6 and waited until 7 in line for our quick photo and signing 

We got to visit with our friend, Bob, while we waited to meet Dave

Poor Dave, he had to sign a lot of books. His hand is pretty tired here.

Andrew naturally gravitated towards the video game section, and he was amused to find them referred to as "digital lifestyles."

This was our first book signing experience in San Antonio and we're calling it adventurous!


  1. how fun! we did FPU through our church and it has changed our financial lives.-Joscelyn Nelson

  2. Love the blog, looking forward to more awesome adventures!

  3. What a great and thorough post of nerdiness. I have read his - Total Money Makeover and wish I had read it 15 years earlier!! The best part is I found the book at the thrift store for $2.


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