Something Adventurous: Switchfoot Concert

Last night we saw our favorite band, Switchfoot (and Atomic Tom and Anberlin) at Stubb's for our Something Adventurous (north of) San Antonio (in Austin.)

Atomic Tom  :  These guys were pretty fun, they had an 80's sound
so you know I liked them!
Anberlin  : Great! Lead singer couldn't make it bc of a family emergency,
but the two singers from Story of the Year subbed in for him and they were really good.
Waiting for Switchfoot to come on.  It is officially Fall in Texas.  CHILLY!!!

We couldn't get as close to the stage as I would have liked... turns out SF has a HUGE following in Austin :) But one of my favorite things about Jon Foreman is that he climbs up high so I can always see him (being a midget at a concert is ohsounfortunate.) But this concert he climbed on the speaker and then jumped on the balcony and then climbed into the tree right next to us and then ran right in front of us through the crowd. I was so happy to snap some pictures! I only wish my camera could have focused in time to get a party pic with him! (see blurry pics below.)

Wait! Hold still for a quick photo!!!

Drew Shirley on electric guitar

This is the 8th time I've seen Switchfoot, but after a quick file scan I could
only find these two pics in the SF archives:

Both circa Summer 2000 at the Mid State Fair
Something really cool is that Jon always comes out after the show
and plays an acoustic set either in the parking lot, or in this case, in a tree!

These guys are Fantastic and I highly recommend seeing them whenever you get the chance!