Something Adventurous: the Zoo

Today for Something Adventurous in San Antonio, we used our annual zoo membership (that expires next week) for one last hurrah. 
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black bears. Rawr!

super rambunctious gibbons! The closest one needs a time out for suckerpunching.

Yes, YOU need a time out!

clouded leopard

This jaguar was especially active today. Normally she's a snoozefest.

Her colors are very on trend for Fall. I think she knows it... she was struttin' her stuff.



Gold lion tamarin. Kids kept yelling "He has rockstar hair!"

capybaras. the world's largest rodent (R.O.U.S) Yes, they do exist!

We love going to the zoo. San Diego is still the best in our book, but SD has pandas (and koalas - my personal fave) so it's no competition.  I guess while we're in Texas we'll take what we can get ;)