Weekend Recap


Dryer repaired to the tune of $189 :(
The washer and dryer set was only $150.
Translation: your days are numbered, doofis dryer.
Pull those shennanigans again and we're kickin' you to the curb!

Friday evening we went to the gym and thten Costco 
where we loaded up on fun Christmas stuff and yummy treats
This year's wrapping theme: silver

 We also picked up this spin-parm dip.  Sooo tasty!
And to think I only bought it because it said Santa Barbara on the label :)  Missing home!

 This stuff makes me so happy at Christmas time too!

We'll call it bipolar Saturday because it was very love/hate.

Saturday morning I dyed my hair darker for Fall and gave Maddie a bath.
She was less than thrilled about it.
Andrew killed weeds and went shooting with friends
 I just might get Andrew a red ryder bb gun for Christmas.
Or maybe a nerf gun to start with.

I went shopping and got a new purse
(early Christmas present from Hoagie-Bear!)

 I also decorated our little white tree and wrapped presents
I know it's early to have Christmas stuff out, but we only have a little bit of decorations 
and we're hardly going to be in Texas during the holidays to enjoy it, so bring it on! 

I baked chocolate chip cookies too.


 My car died. At Target. On the way to Church.
You have got to be kidding me!
But we still made it to church and will fix the car first thing tomorrow.
Bad things happen in threes? Uh Oh. What next?!

 So happy to see our friends at Sunday School

 Lunch at Chunky's

Don't worry, I didn't let Andrew do the 4 horseman burger challenge again.
That event ended badly. Very badly.

Today's lunch with our friends was much less pukey :)

Tonight we're heading over to this guy's house to watch football
and play with the kids! Should be good times :)

In spite of the parts of this weekend that we hated, we loved ending the weekend by spending time with our friends.