Black Friday Booty

Happy Black Friday!

We did the usual : WalMart.

But every year black Friday starts earlier... this year we arrived at 8:30 pm on Thursday
and the parking lot was jam packed.
On the plus side we were home and sleeping by 1 am instead of the usual... 10 am.

As you can see, we weren't the only crazy shoppers.

 I got everything on my list.

Andrew waited patiently for his laptop.

This year's bargains were:
an HP laptop for $248
an HP printer for $19 
a water proof digital camcorder for $100
a little mp3 player for $20
8 GB sd cards and flash drives for $9
600 thread count sheets for $20
memory foam leopard rug for $7
laptop accessories for $18

I'm experiencing a little bit of buyer's remorse, but have no regrets thus far.
Definitely ready for a nap!