Clutter Buster : Jewelry

It's no secret that Bing loves Bling!

I just have a hard time organizing my jewelry so that it is easilly accessible.
 I have jewelry boxes, crystal bowls, nail hooks, drawers,
zip loc bags, and hat boxes full of jewelry.
It's no wonder I can't find anything when I need it!

So when I found this nifty gadget at TJ Maxx I had to have it!
 I made it my mission this morning to fill those transparent pockets with all my favorite jewels.
Well, almost all. I may need to go back and buy a couple more of these :)
 Love that it's double sided!
So that is my jewelry organization masterpiece. Ok, not really, but it is way better than this:

Happy Saturday!
And now off to more clutter busting... next up, the closet. Eeek!