Fashion Flashback Friday

Happy Veterans' Day!!! And Happy 11.11.11 Dangit, Andrew and I got married on 7.7.7 and I've been telling people for years we would have our first baby on 11.11.11.  Missed that boat!  {Maybe 12.12.12}

It turned cold this week so much of it was spent schleppin' in cozy sweats,
snuggled up in piles of blankets.
 Maddie was alright with that. nice bedhead maddie-boo!

But I did still manage to get dressed everyday...
 Monday to work
 Tuesday grocery shopping
 Wednesday the sweats showed up again
I forgot to take pictures of my work clothes Tues, Wed, and Fri
but they were basic and boring... lots of scarves.
 Thursday to work
 Thursday to dinner with friends. Happy Birthday Melissa!
Red Bracelet handmade by my awesome auntie v :)
 Friday to Costco

So this winter-ish season I've been on the hunt for a festive red peacoat.
I normally get the same style every year at Nordstrom,
but this year their selection is bleh.
So I tried on a Calvin Klein one at Costco tonight:
I like the hoodie, but the buttons are wacky and 
it fits a little too boxy... square fit on a round shape is no bueno. 
 Then I found this one at F21 and had to have it!
 It's hard to see in the picture but it has a cute little bow on the back.
 Mission accomplished! Now it really feels like Christmas.

And now back on with the sweats and slippers!
Happy weekend everyone!!!