The time I got a Tattoo

I never thought I would EVER get a tattoo.
Then one day my little sister, Kristie, drew this beautiful floral design with three magnolias (one for each of us 3 sisters) and said we should all get it and be matching. I'm a little timid so I thought we should turn it into a watercolor and mount it on the wall instead.

I said "Well isn't that a cute idea!"
*Translation: over my dead body*

But I didn't want to be the one to shoot down the idea so I agreed we should all get matching tattoos as long as my mom got one too, knowing that my mom would NEVER agree to this.

But she did agree to it.
And then this happened in January 2011

Goofing off at the tattoo parlor

Kristie and Melissa made the design larger.
My mom and I made it as small as they would let us without it looking like a blob!

I added color to mine later and made it pink :)

So yes, to answer your question, I have street cred.


  1. The "artwork" of the guy over Missy's photo is TOO FUNNY! Hehehehehe!


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