Vacation in Pictures

I got back late last night from a wonderful week in Cancun with my parents and their friends. Here's some highlights:

The view from my private balcony at Villa Del Palmar. Gorgeous!

laying out under the palapas with mama

Of course jumping... in this case off of a random boat on the shore.

Jumping off the beds at the beach

writing in the sand

Visiting Tulum... Andrew and I went there on our honeymoon.
Beautiful Mayan ruins right on the beach.

Daddy doesn't enjoy the long bus ride, or the noisy ladies (me and my mom)

Mayan ruins at Chichen-itza. I heard they would do human sacrifices and roll
the heads down those stairs. That's when I left the tour group. Gross!

The observatory at Chichen-itza ("chicken pizza")

Me and Lorie riding sea-doos in the ocean. So fun! She graciously let me stay
in her guest suite at Villa Del Palmar for the week.
btw, I'm waving in the picture not flipping the bird!

Mom and Dad

Casino night with our friends Dean and Jeanie

Hurricane Rina was just a tropical depression, but there was a lot of flooding.

The ladies at Isla Mujeres

The dolphins were super friendly, but I think this one was hungry.
No, my hand is not a fish thankyouverymuch :)

Mama got her picture with the mama dolphin. So cute!

Flying above Cancun
I had the best week in Cancun!  My mom and I took over 20,000 pictures and there's no way to really go through all of them. I failed to include pics of us kayaking, paddle boarding, paddle boating, taxi riding, shopping, and eating at all the buffets. Everyday was jam-packed with fun adventures!  Next time I go I'm bringing Andrew with me. Hopefully he'll be done with school by then :)  Now on to anti-vacation activities like unpacking and laundry. Pobrecita!