Hoags are Home for Christmas

Our 2nd annual drive out to California was a success with many fun sights along the way...

{And a couple not so fun sights}
 Juarez, Mexico (one of the most dangerous places in the world)
 5 border patrol checkpoints.
As usual, a terrible rainstorm in Tucson

 After 17 hours of driving we finally made it to San Diego!!!
Ocean Beach in Point Loma
Our first stop was Andrew's favorite thai restaurant in Hilcrest

Then shopping in Point Loma...
Remember the Home Goods I told you they were getting on Rosecrans?
It's here and it's fabulous!!!

 Ocean Beach
 Beach balls as Christmas tree ornaments. Love it!

 Great waves. Too cold though.

It's a little known fact that San Diego is our favorite city in the world, so we stayed there for 2 days and got to see some of our favorite people in the world.

{Thank you Brian & Audrey for your fabulous hospitality!}
 Brian made us delicious dinner
 Andrew discovered a festivus present that makes us laugh til we cry.
(Maybe the other way around)
 Here's a little preview...
 You get the idea :)

 Then all 4 of my roomies from Point Loma met up for lunch in Temecula.
So good to see my girls!!!
 Me, Kristin, Tiffany, Rea, Amanda, and Liam
Amanda drove all the way from North Carolina.
 she won for travelling the furthest!

 Celebrating Skipper's 30something-eth birthday
(funny the party was for him, but all the pictures are of the girls!)
 Joanna found an homage to Texas.
 Joanna, me, Angela
Me, Joanna, Audrey, Angela

Then yesterday we drove up the coast stopping for a quick shopping trip in downtown LA
 Andrew drives along the beautiful Highway 1
 Los Angeles
Hello garment district and Dolce and CAbana sunglasses!

Santa Monica

 Santa Monica Farmer's Market
 Fabulous beachfront homes. Betcha can't guess which one is my favorite!

Andrew raves about this Kogi taco truck. It was pretty delicious.

A few more hours in the car and finally

There's no place like home