Confession time:  I realized something yesterday as I was paying my bills. Something bad.

I'm Brenda and I'm a shopaholic.


"I only buy things that are on sale."
"I will definitely wear all of these shoes someday."
"I can't decide which color I like best, so I should get all three."

Excuses, excuses!

Here are the facts: 
I spend more than I make.
I have more than I need.
I need to stop shopping.

This will not be a forever thing... more like a fast.  A shopping fast.
{Ironically, I am a super fast shopper.}

So for the next 4 weeks (the entire month of February... God bless that shortest month. Aww, crap it's a leap year!) I will strictly monitor my spending and keep it simple by sticking to the 3G's: Gas, Groceries, and *Gasp* no Ross.  That last one is pretty painful (and I guarantee their stock is going to plummet) but hopefully I will learn to appreciate what I have, spend money wisely, and stop cluttering my life with stuff.

{I do think it's kind of silly to blog about it, but the blogosphere does offer some form of accountability, so I will check in from time to time to let y'all know how I'm doing}

FYI: Andrew is not required to participate in this experiment because as a poor, struggling grad student, he has lived this lifestyle everday for the last 5 years.
However, there are no loop holes, meaning he is not allowed to shop for me. No enabling!

On a completely unrelated note, check out these fabulous heels I got for Valentine's Day...

Don't judge, the shopping fast starts tomorrow and
you know Bing always goes out with a bang!