Here's what we've been listening to lately...

You can listen to a few of them here

First off, the new Florence + the Machine album is sooo good.  I could kick myself for not seeing her when we were at Coachella in 2010. {We were all "Florence who?"} Oh well, maybe next time. 

Andrew thinks Mumford & Sons schould have won song of the year at the grammys. I think Adele deservedly won, but she didn't make it on my playlist because her music's too depressing. But 21 is a great album... if you're in the mood for a good sob-fest

Edward Sharpe is one strange band, but I really like their song, "Home." It feels Texas-ey.

I find myself humming FtP's "pumped up kicks" while teaching. (Not exactly kid friendly) so I might switch them out with something less offensive... perhaps "The Wall" by Pink Floyd :) 

Maddie's favorite pick is the Black Keys because she likes all the whistling. 

The rest of the songs are just filler, but no good playlist is complete without the Pixies and the Cure, and of course, Hall and Oates to fulfill my 80's obsession.

What is your favorite song right now?