Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Red Carpet Recap

Lets take a look at some red carpet hits and misses from the Oscars last weekend.

First my FAVORITE look of the evening...

I normally don't like the look of waist ruffles (or shirt-skirts as I call them) on an evening gown, but with a diamond bow adornment it's the perfect combination of feminine frill. The color is unusual, Williams called it coral, but Vuitton calls it burnt orange. I'm more a fan of coral, I don't like to wear "burnt" anything! The only modification this glam look needs is to switch out the pink clutch for a more sophisticated silver one. (Can't believe I said that! Don't worry, I still love pink!!!) 

These were pretty too...

Next: the looks I liked but didn't love.

Did you see this funny link about Angelina's leg? Made me giggle!

And now for the worst...

Oy vey so many fashion flops!!!  The tacky black hefty garbage bag-esque dresses were not even worthy of a Halloween costume or Vegas, yet alone the red carpet.  The gold dresses were ill fitting and looked like cheap replicas of the oscar trophy (sorry Meryl, you're still my favorite!)  Sandra is one of the most beautiful actresses, but has made some major fashion flops as of late. Unfortunately this dress was no different.  I might get some disagreement on Cameron Diaz's dress; most critics put her on the best dressed list. But I still think it's hideous... hair and makeup disaster, the color is bleh, and the bottom looks shredded.  The white straight jacket dress is just plain boring.

And we'll end on a highnote...


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