where there's a will

Our friend, and groomsman in our wedding, Will came to visit us this weekend from South Korea where he is teaching English. Our fellow transplanted San Diegan friends, Brenden and Carissa, came to visit too. So fun to be reunited! {hums the song, "reunited and it feels so good." You're welcome for having that stuck in your head the rest of the day.}

Our weekend included the usual sightseeing and consumption of mass quantities one would expect when visiting Texas. 

 The Salt Lick in Driftwood

Thank you for coming to visit us!!! Will miss you!!!

**sidenote: as per new year's resolution #14, I learned a silly phrase in another language... "jin jja" {sp} means "really?!!!" in Korean and "assah" meanse "yes!!!" ala Napoleon Dynamite. Will taught me a couple other expressions, but none that I should WILLingly repeat :)