operation white trash backyard

So when we left off yesterday, I believe we only had one eye sore of a pool in our backyard. Today there are 2.

Unfortunately, after two failed attempts at filling the pool in two different locations in our backyard, both resulting in mass water spillage, we discovered {the hard way} that when the instructions said "absolutely flat and level placement" they were dead serious. Now our grass is dead, serious.  You can even see our last ditch effort at using our moving boxes as leverage to prop the pool up in hopes that water wouldn't all settle on one side. No success there. On the bright side, that pool could easily be converted to a slip-n-slide.

Enter pool #2: I was adamantly against getting a pool with a frame because they're hideous to look at. But as it turns out, no above ground pool is all that attractive. And this one stands up on it's own without the use of our moving boxes. So I'd call it a win.

Operation "white trash backyard" complete!