This week

Texas Blue Bonnets made their debut.

Spring Break ended. Boo hoo hoo.

I started a new long term subbing job teaching spec-ed math.

*Note to self:  When the kids say "I'm so special!" Don't say "Yeah, special... ed!" 
That's not funny anymore.

Andrew caught a cold.
And picked up a new talent... involuntary, obnoxious snoring.

I in turn picked up a new hobby...
voluntarily hitting said snorer in the face with a pillow.

Just when I thought my sleep couldn't get any more interrupted, a tornado touched down dangerously close to our house, prompting me to grab all my most prized possessions and cram them, maddie, myself, and andrew in our teeny bathroom under the stairs until the storm passed.
{Read about the tornado here}

Wondering what other gems this week will bring...

Oy Vey is it really only Tuesday?!

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