You can probably tell from this photo,
Grampa Kohler is one of my favorite people in the whole world.

Here's a few reasons why...

Reason #1:  He and grama have the most amazing, old fashioned, romantic love story
and it gets better with time.

Reason #2: He is absolutely crazy!
The fun kind of crazy.
The kind that says YES to having 10 kids, a ranch, and a hotel complete with a spider monkey.

Reason #3: He is beyond brilliant.
Brilliant like a rocket scientist (he worked for NASA, no big deal :)
I am convinced that he can fix anything!

Reason #4: He's flipping hilarious! So funny in fact, that he breaks out into side splitting laughter midway through telling a joke because he makes himself laugh so hard.  We still don't know the punchline for half the jokes, but watching him tell them is the funniest part anyway.

Reason #5: He taught me about the finer things in life like m&m's and microwave popcorn. Oh, and Star Trek (sorry papa, that one didn't stick.)

Reason #6: He has been an amazing example to us all of what a godly, faithful husband, father, and (great, great) grand-father should be.

and Grama too... she is the one who has to put up with him after all :)