Island in the Sun

I need a vacation!!!

These 4 words come out of my mouth on a daily basis. Not that that makes them any less valid

Sure "Spring Break" was only a few weeks ago and Cabo is coming right up,
but I need a vacation NOW. 
Actually, I need a vacation yesterday!

Just to be clear, SB didn't count this year because I didn't even leave San Antonio.

And we all know that vaction looks like this:
Some pretty beach in Hawaii
There was none of that during my so-called Spring Break, so it has been nullified. 
Glad we're in agreement.

I suppose you could say that growing up on the central coast of Cali has done nothing for my appreciation of what I've seen thus far of Texan beaches. Granted we have only ever been to Corpus Christi (gag) where the water was uncomfortably warm, murky, encrusted with jelly fish, and covered in icky sand. Plus there were signs warning for rattlesnakes. Gross!
Snakes on a beach. What the what?!
Corpus Crappy

After mentioning our *disgust* with that beach experience two summers ago, our friends recommended that we go to a much nicer Texas Beach called South Padre Island.

This is more my speed...

And so in 2 weeks and 3 days (not that I'm counting or anything!)
we are driving 5 hours to South Padre Island
for a much needed mini vacation (2 days, 1 night.)
That's about as long as I can bare to be away from maddie b.
But maybe we should just bring her with us; whitey could use some sun!

and she's been working on her aqua-phobia...

I think we're all ready for a little vacation!

For all of you scaredy cats, like myself, I of course did the obligatory research on this 
because y'all know I have seen Shark Week one too many times!
Looks like we'll be alright, but I might pack a spear gun just to be on the safe side :)