It gets better

After that wreck of a weekend and manic monday,
I am back to tell you on this happy hump day, that it gets better!

That awful flu Andrew had, now he's all better.  
Bonus: I never got sick!

Instead of bills in the mail, I got a paycheck and these little lovelies...

That made my Tuesday much, much better.

We discovered something more fun to watch than Bravo. 
One thing that never ceases to entertain us...

Sorry Bethenny Frankel, but that wig is one hot mess!
This puppy makes everything better!
Look at those cute floppy ears :)

Another thing that makes life a little bit better...

I gave up housecleaning found time to waste on pinterest.
Where I stumbled across this interesting photo and for a split second,
thought that living on a farm might be kind of fabulous.
Somehow I don't think it's as glamourous as these chickies make it out to be.

This also made me think of my fabulous Auntie V
who actually does have a fancy chicken coop in her backyard!
see pics here and here

I keep forgetting that one of my resolutions this year is to make something I find on pinterest.
Oops. I am however right on track with resolution #1: eating more ice cream.

Who cares if the only resolution i've accomplished this month comes in a half gallon carton?

Things are about to get even better...
It's almost Friday and Mom and Dad Hoag are coming to visit for the weekend!!!
Hiip Hip Hooray!!!