To do list: The Summer Edition

I thrive on "to do" lists.

I write them on post-its, the back of receipts, the side of my messsage outline at church (shh, don't tell. Pastor thinks I'm a super good note taker :)  There is always something to do and I fear that if I don't write it down (I don't know, 100 times) it will not get done.
Also, it is much easier to jot it down than to actually do it and some part of me still feels accomplished even just scribbling it on paper.

Yesterday, for example was an extremely productive day...

Yay for me, I got some stuff done! But most of the items on that list were not particularly exciting.
("pull weeds" and "wash bedding" were the real low points). 

And then I remembered this... We are on vacation and we need a fun list of things to do!

Enter the Summer To Do List:

We will probably add some more activities to it later, but these are our top rankers for now.

*You can tell which ones Hoagie-Bear picked... Batman, on a to do list?  Alrighty then*