Whose idea was this anyway?

I need to preface this synopsis with the following information:
It was 96 degrees today with 75% humidity.
And, as always, hindsight is 20/20.

This is a plant in my front yard, I don't know what kind
But thanks to Erika's informative post I can tell you that it is a perennial.
{I always think I've killed it, but it keeps coming back every year!}

Here's a recap of our day:

 1. We start walking and get thirsty.
 2. It's only 3 miles (each way) to Valero with $1 slurpees. So we go for it!
 3. Everybody drank all the slurpees and the machine is out of order, so we have to get soda
     * cherry sprite is not the same as cherry lime icee :(
 4. We are hot, smelly, sweaty messes.

Success story? I think not.

But I did manage to capture a couple Texas tokens...
People here are WAY patriotic ~ I love the good old USA as much as the next guy, but people here have flags (plural!) up all year round. The first year we moved here I thought it was 4th of July every weekend! And they are crazy about the spurs too {we are closet Lakers fans}

So anyway, I know I need more exercise but this is strike 2 against getting out and enjoying nature this week. The other day we went for a hike and almost stepped on a water mocassin (or cottonmouth or satan creature or whatever you want to call it.) Let it be known I am not a fan of snakes.

But I am a fan of slurpees... I'll just have to drive next time!