Hoags at Home

We got into Pismo Beach on Tuesday evening and have not sat still for even one second!  As I type I am doing laundry, uploading photos, and my car is getting an oil change.  Sometimes vacations are less restful than normal day to day operations =)

Back to Tuesday... we went straight to grama and grampa's house for a visit and discovered that grama's pulse has been at 30 for the last 2 weeks. Yes, thirty, which is way too low. The bottom half of her heart wasn't working at all and the top was working overtime.  So shortly after we arrived she was whisked away to French Hospital where they performed an emergency pacemaker surgery. My mom, aunt, and I stayed with her at the hospital and she is now feeling much better and recovering at home.  My grama is so precious; she said the following to the surgeon, "Jesus lives in my heart, hopefully he doesn't mind all that poking and prodding you're doing." She cracks me up!

Wednesday we went hiking at the Harmony Headlands trail off of Highway 1 with Andrew's parents. It is a really nice walk that ends at the beach with pretty tidepools and sea lions bobbing up and down in the waves. Mom and Dad Hoag have recently taken up bird watching (see them with their "binocs" {binoculars} in the photo below) and they were very excited to see red tail hawks, egrets, baby quail, and mallards. They all just look like birds to me and, don't tell the bird enthusiasts, but I don't like birds. In fact they gross me out. They poop too much and swoop too much. Two of my least favorite things.  But the baby ones were sort of cute.  In an ugly bird sort of way.

Then we had fish and chips for lunch in Morro Bay. So tasty!

Thursday we took maddie for a walk at the beach.
She hates birds as much as I do and kept busy chasing them away.

Thursday night we went to San Luis Farmer's Market with my mom and dad
and ate delicious bbq and kettle corn.

If it seems like all we have been doing since we got here is eating, that's very true.
Thank God for spandex and sweat pants!
After Farmer's Market, we went line dancing for country night at the Graduate
and met up with our friends Andrew, Ashley, and Katie.

In Texas they don't do line-dancing, they say "That's not Cowboy"
Minus 2 points for Texas. Line dancing is super fun!
Friday we caught up on car maintenance and it turns out you can wait 8,000 miles between oil changes, but you will get dirty looks and be forever labeled a neglegent car owner. Psh. Whatevs!

Friday night we went out for a double birthday dinner with the Hoags 

Afterwards we met up with friends in Avila Beach
Saturday was sweet little Kylie's 6th Birthday with my favorite theme: a Princess tea party.
She requested that I dress up as her fairy godmother and I saw it as a perfect excuse to get one more wear out of my wedding dress. So fun!

Tomorrow is Swap Meet day and more time with family.
Tuesday we leave for Alaska!!!