On the Road Again

Oh Interstate 10,

Please explain to me how I can drive 1,000 miles and 13 hours (yeah I made pretty good time) and still not be through with you yet. Your only redemption is that you led me here, to this beautiful oasis in this scorching hot desert called Phoenix, Arizona. 

Legacy Golf Resort

If it wasn't 113* I'm sure I'd be hitting up that golf course.
Back to the pool for us!

 Thank you mom and dad for gifting us with a night at this awesome resort!!!
And thank you hotwire.com for the sweet deal!

Looking forward to seeing family tomorrow
There's no place like home.

You will get yours tomorrow, I-10 once we finally part ways (after another 600 miles and 8-ish hours) at the far superior 101.



  1. Oooh...that place looks awesome!!! Especially the pool(s)!!


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