Our annual Summer family reunion was in Anchorage, Alaska and it was absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful! Thank you so much to Uncle Jeff, Uncle Randy, and Aunt Wendy for hosting such a once in a lifetime event. We had the best time ever and here are 31,427 a few photos to prove it!

 My favorite thing about Alaska in July - it stays light 21 hours a day!
(Unfortunately the stores don't stay open any later)
 Reindeer sausage pizza - so good! (Don't tell Rudolph!)

 12:30 AM... love the "sunset" 
 We caravaned out - we were in the RV in the middle

 4 brothers   Nice jump, Uncle Randy!

 Everyday we were shufflin'
 I am decidedly team Katie Holmes after conducting mass magazine loads of research.
 At the campsite

 We finally got our picture with a moose!!!
Vacation Alaska was a SUCCESS!!!
 Alaska is absolutely gorgeous!!!
Love you and miss you all!!!

But hey, we might actually be heading back to Alaska sooner than we thought because
we took a later flight home and received Alaska Airlines ticket vouchers =)


  1. Ahh so jealous! Can I join your family so I can go on all of these fun trips with you?? :)

  2. Oh my GOSH!! That looks like SUCH a fun trip! Only you are dressing WAY too cute to be camping. It's a little outta control. Love that picture of you jumping in Wasilla!!


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