Well if you didn't guess by the title, we are back in San Antonio.
Life is back to normal. No more exciting adventures in the Alaskan wilderness, no more morning walks on the beach, no more in-n-out burger, no more getting chased by bears.
Postpartum Vacation depression has officially set in.

Meeting up with grizzlies was exhilarating to say the least!  Just looking back over the photos gives me heart palpitations.
It's all good, it's great cardio. Which is awesome because I've given up exercise for the hot summer months ever.

Now it's the final week of Summer vacation and it is like a Dr. Seuss tragedy up in here.

It's too hot too go out, the sun is aflame, so we sit in the house and think yeah, this is lame.
All we can do is to sit, sit, sit, sit, and eat ice cream until our face breaks out in zits.
I sit here with Maddie, we sit here we two and we think how we wish shows on netflix were new.

That about sums it up.

And now for confession time:

This morning when I should have been unloading the dishwasher, folding laundry, weeding the yard, etc doing something productive, I instead wasted time picking out first week of school outfits.
The one on the right is a suit for just in case I get an interview for a teaching position (I would normally wear tights with it or maybe even pants, but it's 104* so I skipped them today).

I was actually very productive last week before the post-vacation blues set in
and updated my resume and teaching applications.
No news yet, so maybe I should be creating "laying around the house in sweats" ensembles.

For the rest of the afternoon I gathered up a bunch of old home decorating magazines and
cut out clippings for inspiration.

That was fun until I realized I have champagne taste and a miller lite budget.

C'est la vie!


  1. Ahhh you are too cute...LOVE your outfits, although my kids would definitely ruin anything that looked that cute. Also...after staring at those 4 pictures in a row, I've decided it's freaking me out that in the first 3 you are the same height (zoom of the camera), and in the last one you're that the first three look like Baby Bren and the last one is Grown Up Bren. OK so maybe I stared for too long, but...for real!! Hahaha

  2. Found my way here from "Something Beautiful." Holy cow! I NEVER look that good while teaching! I wish I looked that cute! After 4 years in the art room, most of my work clothes have paint stains on them and I just shrug and go with it at this point :)


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