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This  Summer has come to an end and that makes us sad,
but we did manage to get one last pool day in =)

It's been a little quiet around here as our fabulous friends have returned home
and we're getting back into school mode and adjusting to new schedules.
It seems like this  will be my 5th year of subbing, even though I really wanted to teach full time.
But that is ok because I really enjoy the flexibility and fun of whenever-i-want days off.
And it's still super early in the semester, so we'll see.
No complaints here!

This  is also Andrew's 3rd and final year at UTSA. That means {we're hoping}
by next May he will be A.B.D. all but disertation  And we can move home to California!

I may or may not already be researching apartments...

This  is the complex we're interested in, and even though it's in San Diego,
that rent for that little space makes me a little more thankful we're in Texas right now.
God Bless Texas and it's flat, uninteresting, non-ocean view, cheap land!

I am also thankful that tomorrow is September and Fall is coming because
this hot weather and that crazy humidity have got to go. 
Bring on boot weather!!!

No August, with your relentless heat and endless car repairs, I am not sad to see you go. 

images via pinterest
Did I mention I LOVE boots?!
Looking forward to shopping my way through this 3-day weekend 
and Andrew is not excited about that!


  1. Haha, this is a fun little 'theme'!! And those apartments are super cute but HOLY CRAP THE PRICE...pretty sure I'll be living in the suuuuuper cheap South for the rest of my life!!


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