Embarassing Moving Stories

Today we were helping some friends move across town and stumbled upon this box:
For the rest of the day we made jokes about each item as we packed it. "This glass vase is just regular fragile, but that disney globe, that is "santa's ass" fragile. Santa's ass fragile is reserved for only the items of utmost delicacy. I plan on labeling my boxes as such when we move next Summer :)

But all that giggling and nonsense got me thinking about the Summer of 2010 when we moved from San Diego to San Antonio and last Summer when we moved across town.
And one of the most embarassing stories of my life.
It all started with this armoire.
Soon after Andrew and I got married in 2007 I started hoarding collecting furniture. We were poor newlyweds so most of my shopping was done on Craigslist. Now we're poor oldlyweds and we still hunt for bargains on Craigslist. Some things never change.  Anyway, we bought this armoire from a young college kid at San Diego State University who told us his grandfather gave it to him. He said it is a beast to move because it is solid wood and the drawers don't detach, so don't even bother trying (something his grandfather told him). We thought nothing of it.
So when we hired movers three years later for our move to Texas and told them about this armoire with drawers that don't come out they packed it as is and they thought nothing of it.
It wasn't until last Summer when our friends from church (who we had known for like 5 minutes) helped us move to the house we live in now that this armoire unleashed a world of embarassment at us. It was the last piece of furniture loaded in the Uhaul because it is in fact a beast to move. But, as we were unloading it, one of our friends managed to successfully pull the drawers out. We were schocked and about to congratulate him on this unbelievable feat, but before we could say "Wow, you did it!" a torrent of 1980's pornographic magazines spilled out all over our driveway from this unsuspecting old armoire, making us look like truly disgusting perverts. I have never been so embarassed in all my life (well, there was an unfortunate Scattergories incident, but I'll save that story for another day.)
*Just to be clear, that stash was not ours nor do we own any pornography. Me thinks it was that student who sold it to us grandpa's old collection because he was the one who said the drawers didn't open and the magazines were definitely from before our time. In the words of one of our church friends in attendance "There was not a Brazilian among them."
Oy. I hate moving!


  1. Haaaa!!!! THat is TOO funny! I hope you at least saved a few of the mags to prank someone with later!! ;)


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