Hello Monday

Happy Monday! I'm linking up with Lisa to share some things we're saying hello to...

 I know it's a little early for Thanksgiving, but I don't have many Halloween decorations so I just skipped it this year :)

 Back to school meant lots more little germs to catch. I caught one :(

 Lucky Hoagie-Bear gets to read 4 books a week!  I think I've read maybe 4 books this whole year!
Which brings me to this...
 I'm following along online here
{Don't be too impressed, I only read the book I didn't actually "do" the book. But I want to!}

 Hello Mid-September... Hope you got the memo about cooling down
because my Fall boots are ready to make their debut.
 Hello less than 100 days until Christmas!
Too soon to be excited about that? {Psh. Never!}
What exciting things are you saying hello to this week?


  1. Omg the boots pic made me laugh. If I lived in Texas I would buy like 5 pair of Frye boots and not feel bad!!!

  2. HOLY CRAP YOU HAVE A LOT OF BOOTS!!!!!!!!!! You definitely should live somewhere colder than Texas!!


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