Is it Friday yet?

Happy Friday Thursday!?
Boo hoo.
Why won't this week just end already? 
I need a break!!! I need a day off!!!
I need to watch this movie again. Classic!
In the spirit of the fantastic Ferris Bueller, I really want to take tomorrow off and make today my Friday because "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." Also, I am soooo tired and sleeping in tomorrow sounds like the best idea since tiramisu for breakfast which I may or may not be eating right now. Don't judge me, it has a hint of coffee in it so it's clearly a "breakfast" food!  I'll eat oatmeal tomorrow to make up for it.

The last couple weeks have been busy and I've been trying {semi-successfully} to simplify.
Take things one day at a time.
Eat more Italian desserts.

The simplification process has not been completely voluntary. There was an entire week that I was sick and forced to slow down. I only get sick once a year, but when I do it is full on infirmary! {Antibiotics, a cortizone shot, and no voice for 5 days was about as great as it sounds.}

Thank goodness October is practically here with it's yummy spiced cider and my favorite fall candles. But October is also a turning point in the school year. The sweet-faced students that were awkward and adorable in August have traded in their smiles and manners for sassy pants and attitude. Let's just say I'm finding a 9 to 5 office job more and more appealing.


Ok, so it's really just been a long week subbing middle schoolers and the kind of patience required to do that everyday just doesn't come naturally to me {or their actual teachers which explains why they keep requesting subs!}

So after long days trying to reason with and enlighten pre-pubescent teenagers from 7:30 to 4, it should come as no surprise that I have shopped my way home from work everyday this week. Oops! {Blogging is my cheap therapy and shopping is my real therapy}
Happy ALMOST Friday.
And it is only 8 weeks until Black Friday {the best Friday!}...
I've been training all year for that!