This Week

I painted {almost} everything white.
The painting process was anything but glamorous...
Now I need to paint the walls so that the white will stand out because it's really quite bland.
But we're moving in less than a year, so I'll probably just learn to live with it. 
Who knows, if I change my mind and want to switch colors the white will just act as a primer :)

Andrew booked his October trip to Logan, UT for a lit conference at Utah State University. I'm sitting this trip out... it's on Jack London. If it was in London, then maybe I would tag along!
After 7 devoted years, I finally got bored of Facebook and am this close to deactivating my account. At least until November because all the political poo posts are beyond annoying. Let me make my political stance here: Everyone should vote, but no one should write about it on Facebook. 
If my allegiance is not clear, it is this: MADDIE BEAR for President!!!
Her platform: make chicken jerky, not war!

Speaking of Maddie, she spent approximately 15 minutes barking at/chasing/running
from a rogue plastic bag that blew into our yard. It was quite entertaining.
Apparently she is not down with littering... add recycling to her platform!
I subbed everyday. And my feet hate me almost as much as I hate waking up at 6 every morning. It might be time to dig up those old aerosoles loafers I put in the donate pile because (old lady shoes or not) those eye-sores make my toes feel like they are dancing on clouds. Unlike the 4" heels I normally wear that feel like a million little thorns stabbing my feet with every excruciating step.
But enough about my poor choice in footwear, aren't the kids cute?!
I've been feeling particularly flabby after eating my way through all those fun vacations this Summer so I tried the HIIT (not sure what that stands for) workouts from this turbofire series.  Ouchy! It's not as bad as P90X, but I'm convinced this girl is half frog with all the crazy jumping involved.
The verdict:
I think I'm more interested in "lethargic-luke warm" exercise routines than turbo-fire ones.
Plus winter is just around the corner and I'll need the extra insulation of those belly rolls for warmth.
Speaking of chubs, I stumbled upon this hilarious greeting card at Target...
Hope you have an up-lifting weekend :)


  1. This is so random but my brother moved to Logan, Utah, just 2 weeks ago! And no, he is not Mormon :)

  2. I'm impressed with the furniture painting!! And also that you wear something other than flats to work. My feet kill me even when I'm NOT wearing heels...which is always.


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