A Pumpkin and a Puppy

I got a pumpkin so now it's officially Fall... Any excuse to take a picture!

Sometime in the middle of the photo shoot, Maddie decided enough is enough.

You wouldn't guess it from all these silly photos, but Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I'm all for dressing up and eating candy, but usually, like this year, Halloween falls in the middle of the week which makes it a real nuisance. Everyone (in Texas anyway) knows that the best place to be is Austin. I was going to specify for Halloween, but in general Austin is the best place to be in Texas.
The real best place to be is Lahaina, Maui like me, Ashley, and Veronica were for Halloween in 2009. OMG that was the best! There will never be a better Halloween than that. EVER!
But 6th street in Austin is a close second. Unfortunately it is a 4 hour round trip traffic laden drive to 6th street where all the fun is and, on a Wednesday, that is just a terrible idea.
So, in short, I am protesting Halloween this year. And perhaps every other year too. Because, just like everything else, it will never be as fun as it was in Hawaii.


  1. Surprisingly we will actually be in Austin for Halloween! Although we don't plan to partake in normal Austin Halloween activities... way too exciting for my grandma ways! :)


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